Friday, April 29, 2011


*pictures grabbed from Cikgu Amir. Memories in KMNS. If I'm not mistaken, we went there on 25 Feb 2011. 
By the way, the aim we went there was to collect Marchantia sp and Polytrichum sp.

At Brinchang.

Happy faces huh? :D

At Lata Iskandar

Sunrise view at Perak Matriculation College (KMPk)

Stop for a while at RNR. *forgot which RNR was this. >.<
Sweetkan? ^-^

training to sing Animalia Kingdom, to be presented at KMPk.

nervous? :P

Maybe this was at Sri Juliana Chalet.

collecting Marchantia sp.

those happy faces. :D

Smoke House Hotel

view at Lata Iskandar

Lecture hall in KMPk

on the way to Ipoh.

RNR again.

finally back to our college. :D

It can be concluded as tiring journey yet I gain so much useful knowledge. :) Million thanks to my beloved Biology teacher, Cikgu Ruszaidi coz chosed me to join the activity. :)

my besties; aida n cikgu ruszaidi.

*sorry ya. I didn't rearranged the pics. sleepy. time to sleep now. till then people. see ya.

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