Saturday, July 2, 2011

New life

Assalamualaikum. :)

30 Jun 2011 was our last day as workers. No more discrimination. No need to face the so-good people. Yucks! haha.

Below were this pics that I managed to take a few weeks before I left the workplace. HEHE
He's accompanying me during my rest. :) Thank you. wink wink. haha

Her name is Nur Farhana. I called her kak ana. :) She's pursuing her degree and only left 2 or 3 sem. Right kak ana? :)

Her name is Pei Mann. She's an SPM leaver and currently waiting to further her studies in private college.

And this is  me and Murshid again on our very last day as workers. haha. In memories yah this place.

This pics taken a few weeks before we resigned. I learnt to drive the car with him. Guess where is this place? :D

Finally this pic was taken today, err I mean 1st July. Went to buy some stuff for study. hehe

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