Thursday, July 14, 2011



Is this what we are going to see in the future?

The government launched the 'HARI TANPA BEG PLASTIK' Campaign on early January 2011. As Malaysian, I support the government's efforts. :)

The experts say that plastic bags need 100 to 500 years to fully degraded and if it is burnt, it will release carbon dioxide gas that can increase the world's temperature. It is estimated that every Malaysian produced 19000 tonnes of wastes and 24% of them are plastic bags. Whoaahhh~~ Can you imagine that? And have you ever think for how long did we use the plastic bags before we're disposing it? On average, we use it for less than 10 minutes! 

Based on my working experience, most of the Malaysians still not aware about this campaign. There's one day, an old lady came to my counter to pay. Immediately she remembered that it was Saturday. She said, 'Aaiyaa, stupid la doing this campaign. No wonder-lah there's not so many people today. And how come I can forgot today is Saturday? Okay-lah I pay for the plastic bags or else how to carry this things?' She was angry with this campaign. See.. She's not aware..

Another situation, which I really respect. "Miss, no need to put in the plastic bag. I have my own recycle bag, just put it in here. Save the Earth. :)" How I wish every people are like him. 

Yeah. Talked about my working experience. If it was not Saturday, people tend to have more and more plastic bags. A lot of excuses are given and I really hate those people. For example, she bought snacks and drinks, yet she wanted me to double the plastic bag. The coversation, "Kasi saye lagi satu beg. Ini berat. Saya naik bicycle. Nanti picah". I don't know which item will break. :D Next, the big size item for example the rice bag, cooking oil and a carton of drinking tin also wants plastic bags. Haiyooo.. Common sense lah wehh. Those items are heavy. If you put it in plastic bag, there's risk for the plastic bags to rip. And those items will break. Then who are you going to blame? The cashiers? GRR. For me, the big size item no need plastic bags.  This is the time for you to show that you are strong. HEHE. Just carry lah the item. Kan senanggg.. :D

Whereas, the situation changed on Saturday. "Oh~ Today is Saturday huh? No need lah plastic bags. I have children. They can carry this. Stupid lah pay 20 sen for plastic bags." 


One people can make a little change. So, start now! Use less plastic bags! :)

Make the world happy and smile :)

p/s: a notification for me too... 

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